Green Building & High Performance Homes

Green Building by Rehn ConstructionSince our inception, Rehn Construction has completed a number of projects that "push the envelope" and incorporate energy efficiency and new technologies. These include passive solar design and features; solar for domestic hot water; the "envelope" house which utilizes super-insulation coupled with passive solar gain and storage; tight building envelopes ("air-tight drywall approach"); alternate framing techniques, high levels of insulation; and alternative and efficient heating systems.

These technologies of the past have evolved into what is often now called "green" building. The term green building conjures up different thoughts and meanings in people and is often misunderstood. To us, green building is a systematic approach that covers every step of design and construction. These include land use and site planning, materials selection, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor air quality. There are endless ways to incorporate green techniques which can range from simple low cost measures to more expensive cutting-edge technologies. By building green, one can realize mortgage savings and increased value, durability, comfort and indoor air quality while lowering utility bills, maintenance and repair costs and the impact on our environment.

There are different degrees of green building, which is why the rating systems have different levels of certification. LEED certified homes can be Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum rated. Platinum is the highest level of certification and therefore, these homes have the highest level of performance in most if not all categories. Because of our training and experience, we can build to the highest level of performance.

We believe that green building is a growing trend and will become widely accepted as the norm. Several jurisdictions, such as Boulder County and the cities of Longmont and Fort Collins have adopted mandatory green building programs. More and more people are going to want to be able to physically measure the overall performance (not just energy efficiency) of a home, such as we do with Energy Star rated appliances or vehicle miles per gallon. Currently, there are two major national residential green-building programs that measure and certify remodeling and new home projects.

  • LEED for Homes (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) - developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.
  • National Green Building Standard - initiated by the National Association of Home Builders.

We have significant training, accreditation and experience in green building, building performance modeling and evaluation, LEED for Homes, and the National Green Building Standard. We are pursuing credentials as a HERS Rater (Home Energy Rating System from the Residential Energy Services Network) and Certified Passive House Consultant (ultra low energy building standard). We are committed to improving the built environment through the use of these programs and are continually educating ourselves in this changing field.

Please refer to the "Credentials" section for a complete list of our accomplishments. If you have any questions about our green building experience or practices, feel free to contact us. As always, we welcome your green building project regardless of the scale or the desire for certification.